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Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship

PCM The Post-Communist Monuments Project is devoted to the scholarly study of post-Communist monuments and memorials. The project includes a database with information on monuments and memorials from 1989 to 2010 in twenty-six post-Communist states, as well as studies of individual sites and countries.

I study the geographical nature of identity and identifications, and I am especially concerned with the political representation and construction of race, ethnicity, and nationality. My current research examines the political representation of women and ethnic minority groups, the use of monuments and memorials for (re)constructing national identities, and various issues of electoral geography, political parties, and governance.

At McGill, I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, and an Associate Member of the Department of Political Science. I am also a member of the Quebec-wide Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship.

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GEOG 217: Cities in the Modern World

GEOG 316: Political Geography

GEOG 420: Memory, Place, and Power

GEOG 417/617: Urban/Advanced Urban Geography

Association of American Geographers

Canadian Association of Geographers

American Political Science Association

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